For several years, since I felt isolated from my peers, I thought that the only way I would have a really good friend(S) were if I were to have a “Crazy” friend like me. The term crazy really is my way of making light of my issues, I do not think of mental illness as craziness. Just throwing it out there.

However, when the only real similarity between me and another person are our diagnoses, that hasn’t worked very well either. Either them or I are too absorbed and focused on our own problems. That has been the case for me so far with those kinds of friendships.

However I was wrong, and am very happy to be so.

A few months ago, I started hanging out with a friend from elementary school again. To be honest, whenever i hang out with anybody that’s “normal”, I feel a little uneasy and do not usually end up hanging out with them again. However, I am very happy that I reconnected with my friend, Michelle.

She has the maturity to tell me when I’m overreacting or being a butt, though she dosen’t use those words 🙂 When i started having a disaccoaitive episode while we were shopping in  a busy mall, and told her it feels like I don’t know where I am, she gently put her arm around me and said “You’re here with me, you’re okay.”

Her demonstrating that simple act of kindness and sympathy was surprising, touching, and too rare with the self- absorbed generation who too frequently only focus on themselves, having no other perspective maybe.

Michelle does not have to be a doctor, or have the same issues that I do to just be there for me, listen, and suggest ways to help and make me feel better.

She’ll be leaving shortly for about four and a half, five months, for basic training, for the Air Force Reserves. I’m going to miss her like crazy and write her every day, (multiple times a day most likely)  but I’ll be so happy when she comes back home, and I’m proud of her for taking this huge, scary, yet exciting step towards her future and her career.

I am very grateful for this friendship with knowing that i can’t scare her off with my crazy.

Thank God for true best friends.


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